James Hicks

Teaching Experience

Law and Economics

Undergraduate · Instructor, 2016; Teaching Assistant, 2015

The economic analysis of law is one of the major theoretical perspectives in the study of law in American universities. Legal Studies 145 provides a introductory survey of the subject, covering parts of both private and public law. We will introduce the use of microeconomics as a tool for analyzing, evaluating, understanding, and interpreting legal rules and institutions, with a focus on the common law of contracts, property, and torts, as well as constitutional and administrative law.

Introductory Statistics

Graduate · Teaching Assistant, 2016

The goal of this course is to provide law and PhD students with enough background in probability and statistics so that they can successfully: evaluate basic quantitative empirical research in law and social science; begin to conduct their own empirical research; interact with expert witnesses; and take more advanced quantitative methods courses to further develop their skills.

Introduction to Intellectual Property

Graduate · Teaching Assistant, 2018

This course introduces law students to the main features of modern intellectual property law in the United States and provides a gateway to Berkeley Law's Law and Technology program. It covers federal patent, copyright, and trademark law along with trade secrets and other forms of state law protection. The course also considers important policy arguments that are commonly used to explain or criticize existing doctrine.